• cutting of rolled metal plates and profiles;
  • manufacturing of semi-finished products;
  • pellet jet treatment (cleaning) of surfaces and painting;
  • transportation services.

The client has the option to purchase only the necessary quantity of materials without additional expenses that usually occur when one is buying the raw material of standard cutting.

In addition all risks involved in performing the stocking operations (failure of equipment, incorrect work of staff, etc.) are undertaken by the supplier.

For provision of the said operations we have the following technological resources:

  • Plasma cutting of metal (steel, stainless steel, aluminum), thickness 1-40 mm, maximum dimensions: 2500*12000 mm; gas cutting (thickness 3-200 mm, maximum dimensions 2500*12000 mm);
  • Semi-automatic ribbon-type cutting equipment, maximum diameter 360mm, angle cutting up to 60 degrees.
  • Pellet jet chamber (15x5 m) and painting of metal using electric powered airless appliances Ultra Max 11
  • Welding machine MIG/MAG , ESAB manufactured equipment
  • Plate rolling up to 15mm with width up to 2,5 meters
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