Laser Cutting

Laser cutting of metal - a new offer from our company. From April 2011 SIA «VIKOM» extended range of services offered the metal laser cutting. Currently commissioned laser cutting machine Trumpf TruLaser 5030 Metal Clasic (L15) with power of 5000 W and a linear drive concept offers extremely high cutting dynamics, which leads to a significant increase in productivity and, consequently, reduce the cost of products up to 20% compared with machine power 4000W

laser cutting 1

laser cutting 2

Technical data

  TruLaser 5030
Рабочая зона Ось X: 3000 мм
Ось Y: 1500 мм
Ось Z: 115 мм
Max. Sheet thickness 0,2 - 25 мм (конструкционная сталь)
0,2 - 25 мм (нержавеющая сталь)
0,2 - 15 мм (алюминий)
Power 5000 Вт
Max. rate Up to 40 m / min
Cutting tolerances - 0,3-2мм - +\- 0,05мм
- 2-10мм – 0,1мм
- 10-20мм – 0,15мм
- 20-25мм – 0,25мм

Drawings for laser cutting of metal is best delivered in a format AutoCad (*. dwg, *. dxf), in the absence of drawings in these formats, we can assist you in designing them.

Also, this equipment allows for engraving (eg, name or code details, information boards, etc.)

Currently, the cost of laser cutting and engraving is calculated individually for each order


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