Current projects

Building of new RIX’s Airport Terminal

One of the major project company Vikom is currently working on is the construction of new airport terminal in Riga. Initially, Vikom produced and developed the structural design and drawings for the steel structures and moved on to manufacturing, delivering and steel structures installation. RIX airport extension is a considerable input for growth and development of Riga’s Airport in Europe. Overall tones of metal in use -1742,16 t. Planned date of completion – July 2015.


Paul’s Stradina Hospital

Another significant object for any country and city – health center. The core of this project is the development of one of the biggest hospitals in Latvia. This is in fact the key aspect in life quality improvement for entire population. Participation in such significant project is undoubtedly a pride for our company. Our main goals within the project are - structural design and drawings elaboration, manufacturing, delivery and installation of metal constructions.

Z-Towers multifunctional building complex

Z-Towers is one of our recently accomplished projects, these are the residential towers. The Towers hold a total of 336 apartments, 10 000 sq. meters office space, parking spaces as well as fitness and SPA. We were delighted to collaborate and participate in such ‘heavenly’ project for which we have produced structural design and drawings, manufactured, delivered and installed metal constructions. The project was successfully completed in 2014. Total tons of steel used – 89,58t.

LNG terminal in Klaipeda

In line of completed projects – LNG terminal in Klaipeda. Our efforts were put onto manufacture, installation and metal constructions logistics. Total volume of used steel – 131,8t.


Vikom has participated in LatEkoFood project, whereas its main role was to design and elaborate drawings and structural design as well as manufacture and set up metal construction for the hangar. The total volume of metal utilized: 77,43t.

Business Centre "Vainodes"

A+ class business center located in Riga. In that recent project Vikom has produced all the necessary structural designs and drawings, delivered and installed the metal structure. The project was successfully completed in 2014. Total metal utilized: 50,32t.

Other projects

Name of the project Customer, country Scope of work / tonns Year/ period

Uppsala sport hall, Sweden


Svevia AB, Sweden Concrete works from ground point, lasts for ~10 month. 2012

Pedestrian Bridge in Flaggplan, Sweden


Svevia AB, Sweden Production, delivery, assembling. 50 Tons 2011-2012

Noise bareers in Stocholm, Sweden


Svevia AB, Sweden Production, delivery, assembling. 100 Tons 2012-2013

Subcontractor, various projects


Svevia AB, Sweden Deliveries of steel (tubes, balks, plates, driving plates etc.) 500 Tons 2011-2013

Subcontractor, various projects


MVB Ost AB, Sweden Delivery of tubes for foundations purposes. Delivery of welded steel structures (HSQ, Beams ,ect)800 Tons 2012-2013

Subcontractor/ production


Kynningsryd Prefab AB Delivery of welded steel structures to Goteborg 60 Tons 2013

Delivery of steel


FoBe AB, Sweden Delivery of round bars 2010-2014

Majorstuen skole, Oslo, Norway


Tallitor AS, HENT AS Delivery of welded steel structures 50tons 2013

Tanche Nilsen Prosjekt


Peab AS Delivery of welded steel structures 120 tons 2013

Delivery of welded steel details


Peab AS Delivery of welded steel structures 24 tons 2014

Various steel structures


Mesta AS Delivery of welded, galvanized steel structures 100-200t 2011-2014

Boiler house in Inkoo


Adven Oy, Finland Manufacture and installation of boiler house in Inkoo (including fasade panels) 30 tons 2013

Delivery of welded steel structures


Nktehnologia SIA, Latvia Manufacture of sea port equipment in Riga, Latvia 100 tons 2013

Delivery of welded, painted steel structures


Ruukki OY,Finland Delivery of welded, painted steel structures 60t 2013


As well as:

  • SCANIA Cente, (Latvia) – 200t.of metal structures and its installation.
  • Shopping Centre "Riga Plaza", (Latvia) – 620t. of metal structures and installation.
  • Logistics center "SPILVA", (Latvia) – 220t. of metal structures and installation.
  • Office unit "NCC construction" (Latvia) – 100t. of metal structures.
  • "Mesta AS" (Norway) – manufacture of steel elements and components for protective road installations.
  • Logistics center "Sarlotes" (Lativa) – 95t. of metal structures.
  • Office complex (RIX Airport) – 50t of metal structures.
  • Industrial building (Arboga, Sweden) – 35t. of metal constructions.
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